About Alipay

Alipay is a third-party payment platform provided by Ant Financial Ltd. It is dedicated to provide "Simple, Safe and Convenient" online and mobile payment solutions. Alipay makes people’s lives much easier and more convenient, building on the foundation of real-name registration and trust.

Alipay is trusted by more than 500 million active users.

Mobile transactions represent 70% of Alipay transactions.


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  • Safe

    Safe, reliable collection, utilising the leading technology of the Alipay platform all over the world.

  • Market

    Great brand effect, the interface to billions of potential consumers directly.

  • Speed

    Fast arrival of funds to your account, arriving within one to three working days (terms and conditions apply).

  • Exchange Rate

    The exchange rate is extremely competitive.

Cross-border Payments

Cross-border payments can help a payer with RMB and a receipt merchant with NZD to make safe and reliable transactions using the unified platform of Alipay. Clients pay through Alipay with RMB and New Zealand merchants obtain payment by the next working day. Merchants can use the Alipay platform to monitor their accounts in real time.

For merchants opening up an Alipay business in New Zealand, IE PAY will generate an exclusive Alipay two dimensional code for you. The consumers only need to use their own Alipay to scan the two-dimensional code and input the price. Consumers can purchase the commodities or service from merchants after IE PAY confirms the transaction with Alipay within several seconds, resulting in a successful transaction.

In-Store Payment

Chinese buyers can make face-to-face purchases in the merchant’s stores using the Alipay APP. Alipay deducts the amount of the payment from the buyer’s Alipay account in real-time in CNY and settles the payment to the merchant in a foreign currency.

Online Payment

Chinese buyers make purchases on merchants’ websites and in merchants’ APPs with Alipay. Alipay will deduct the amount of the payment from the buyer’s Alipay account in real-time in CNY and settle the payment to the merchant in a foreign currency.

With the growing number of Chinese consumers purchasing merchandise on the overseas merchants’ sites directly, the merchant could integrate with the Alipay Standard Payment solution to offer users the familiar user experience that they are comfortable with, along with the convenience provided for both the merchants and the consumers on payments, FX exchanges and settlements.

Payment Flow and User Experience:

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